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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Rose Valley Glass Is Going To Help You Spend Less and Make More!

The idea behind Rose Valley Glass is to offer lots of nifty glass and tools and things at a great price. Sounds cliche, but I actually mean it! I want everything I carry to be worthy of the statements, "Wow! That's so cool!" and (looking at the price) "That's IT?! How can she sell it so cheap?!"

This stems from my frustration at having to place orders from 3 or 4 different retailers, pay shipping and handling on 3 or 4 different boxes, never knowing if I got a decent price on my purchases or not. I don't tend to "shop around" much, I just buy what I like. Often, I pay too much. Add in the multiple shipping charges, and I've paid WAY too much.

That translates to how much I have to charge on my finished products...either I have to charge more for the beads or I have to lower my profit margin to make it affordable to my end customers. That stinks either way you look at it! I want something better for my customers! I want them to be able to spend less money, get more glass, make more beads and make more profits!

So, here is my list of goals for Rose Valley Glass, in no particular order:
  • Start slow so that we keep our overhead low and manageable; ie. no debt.
  • Carry a wide variety of glass. In order to accomplish this, we'll need to purchase in smaller quantities at first, back-filling as the orders come in and we have the cash in hand to reorder.
  • Carry a wide variety of tools and supplies. Same idea as with the glass.
  • Only charge EXACT shipping. Refund any overages paid and never charge a minimum order fee or a handling fee, etc. No hidden fees.
  • I want to be in close communication with my customers. What do they want? How much can they afford to pay? Is there something they can't find...or can find, but can't afford? I want them to feel comfortable coming to me and asking me to help them. That's a major goal.
So, with that in mind, I'm ready to purchase some glass. Here is the short list of what I have to choose from and I need to pick ONE:
  • Northstar Precision 104 Rod
  • Glass Alchemy Boromax Rod
  • Creation Is Messy 104 Rod
  • Effetre/Moretti 104 Rod
  • Gaffer Glass Coe 96 Rod
  • Glow Glass Boro Stix
There are countless others, I know...but these are the top 6 on the list for one reason or another. Some because we don't have to spend a fortune to get a sampling on the site, others because I have gotten to know the manufacturers/distributors and the glass is just super cool. :)

So, what do you want? Here's your chance to have a hand in what you can purchase! I promise to keep the prices as low as humanly possible, to ship right away, and to help with any issues or questions that might come up! You have my word.



  1. What great goals and a personal touch. I am sending your name off to my lampworking friends. -K

  2. Awww...thank you, K! xoxo