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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Price Comparison...Just An FYI

Here's an interesting comparison based on pricing that I can currently get on Effetre...this is at the worst price point because I'll be purchasing in low volumes at first. As my pricing on glass gets better, meaning as I can afford to buy larger quantities at a time, YOUR PRICE GETS BETTER, TOO! I have a set mark-up and I stick to that. A good deal for me means a good deal for you.

Anyway, here is what I did. I picked a random color of Effetre and did a price comparison. Just to be clear, I'm definately NOT trying to knock these other two vendors, as they are both great at customer service and have wonderful reputations in the industry. You'll never hear me speak ill of a competitor. We all gotta make a living, right? :)

#220 Periwinkle

Frantz regular price = $13.76/lb (on sale right now for $8.96/lb)

Arrow Springs regular price = $13.76/lb (on sale right now for $8.94/lb)

Rose Valley Glass everyday price = $12.88/lb or $0.92/rod (for a 19.5" rod)

So, as you can see, I can't beat their sale prices. However, my everyday price does beat theirs. Plus, you can purchase a normal-sized rod from me (no cutting fee) for less than a buck and use your remaining $11 or $12 to buy 11 or 12 more colors. I can't do sales. My set mark-up doesn't give me any room for that. If something goes "on sale", it's because I have too much of it and I need to make room for something else. Simple as that.

LOL! I'm not sure if posting that comparison helps or hurts me in your eyes, but there it is! :)

Hope everyone is having a great evening!


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