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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check Out My Hot Glass!

Okay, so technically this is about "warm" glass...but it didn't sound as good to put "warm" in the title. :)

I am currently working my "glass" off creating the new catagories on the website for the sheet glass!

Everything I have is "Furious", which is Bullseye's name for fusible odd-lot glass. Some of it is special run or a result of experimentation in the factory. Some of it just didn't come out "quite" the right color to make it into regular production. The only way to get the best stuff is to hand-pick the sheets right at the factory in their "bullpen". Love that name! lol 

So, that's what I do. Then, I cut it up and put offer it up to all of you! Good stuff, Maynard!

Here are a few examples of my favorites that are in stock right now...the selection is ever-changing and supplies are limited. Pics are always of the full sheets, but the largest I can ship is a 12" x 12", so bear that in mind. Enjoy!

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