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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Haps @ Rose Valley Glass

Well, it's been a fun first couple of months on the web! We topped 200 Facebook fans and have shot past 1000 website visits, and we're now looking towards many more future milestones.

To commemorate this milestone, we are putting free goodies in each order through the rest of the week! If you order boro, you'll get a full-color poster with all of Northstar's fab colors (in those little goblin heads we love so much!), if you order COE 90, you'll get a handful of dichro strips to play with, and if you order COE 104, you'll get a Double Helix rod of your choice. Sweet deal, huh? Good times, good times...

After polling my reading audience, the decision was made to bring in 21 of CiM's beautiful colors. The rest will follow shortly. Thanks so much for your input!

In addition, we're also adding Bullseye odd lot and special run sheet glass to our product lines. I'm hearing a lot from "Crossover Artists" about wanting some fun sheet glass to play with in the kiln. By carrying BE, you can now use some of the Bullseye fusible rods WITH that sheet glass as well as using each alone, for their intended purposes. Bullsye is great about marking which rods are good for use in the kiln and which should just be used in the torch.

So, check out some of the new changes on the site! The sheet glass will be added over the next couple of days and it is REALLY cool! If you'd like a sneak preview, you can check it all out on our Etsy site, http://rosevalleyglass.etsy.com/.

Have a great day!


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