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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travel Post #1 for 2010 ~ Lincoln City, Oregon ~ Part 1

Ted and I love to travel. We hope to go far and wide someday, but for now we stick fairly close to home. This weekend was our 1-year anniversary and we decided to go to Lincoln City, Oregon because that was where we had taken our first trip together last April. :) 

Lincoln City is located about 1/3 of the way down the Oregon coast and is a hotbed of hot glass (another reason we chose this location to visit)! For more tourist-type info on Lincoln City, visit this link: http://www.oregoncoast.org/. Notice that the home page features a woman picking a glass float from the sand...this is something that the local glass artists in the area actually do...they "seed" the beach throughout the winter with these glass floats for people to find! How fun is that?!

Our first night in town, we arrived fairly late. So, we found a room, dumped our gear and headed to dinner at the Lighthouse Brewpub, a McMenamin's...so obviously the food was good and highly recommended. Very casual and great for families.

We stayed at a little beach-front motel with hard little beds and not enough pillows, but great television programming and a fantastic view! Such are the trade-offs in life. :)

Saturday morning we were anxious to get out and have some fun! We hit the road early, and headed South down Hwy 101 towards Newport. Along the 60-minute drive, there are countless little towns and turn-offs, all with their own flavor and personality.

For example, if you ever find yourself in Hebo, Oregon and you have to pee, don't expect any of the local businesses (aka, the general store) to offer their facilities willingly. You will be directed to head back the way you came and turn down Hanson Road, "You know, where they park to fish?" until you find the port-o-potty. Now, what they won't tell you is that Hanson Road is not marked, but there IS a tiny sign with a boat on it. So, thankfully we knew that the Hebo fishermen park somewhere near the port-o-potty and found what we were looking for. I think there might have been an easier, and more hospitable, way to help us out. But, this makes for a better story, so there ya go. :)

Somewhere in our travels that day along Hwy 101, we stumbled upon Ocean Beaches Glass Gallery run by Bob and Vicki Meyer, located in beautiful Seal Rock, Oregon. We entered the well-lit gallery with the expectation of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the gorgeous glass that we saw from the highway...but little did we know that Bob was busy in the studio out back! His gracious and friendly staff person directed us to the viewing area where a small crowd was already gathered. We sat in a balcony-style viewing area where we could look down and see Bob at work. Questions were encouraged and Bob was a joy to watch. When the other group left, Ted and I were alone with Bob while he worked for quite some time. He is easy to talk to and was very informative. We inquired about classes and Bob took some extra time to print off some information for us and to talk with us about Rose Valley Glass for a bit. His artwork is fantastic! If you're looking for some home decor items, in particular, Bob is the guy for you. Lampshades, bowls, vases, even sinks are all gorgeous and very well-priced, also. He offers the stands and wall-fixtures to complement the shades, as well. We highly recommend planning to spend an hour or so watching him work before you pick out your lampshades or sconces! Thanks, Bob!! :)

Bob's Shades

Well, that's it for this edition of Rose Valley Travel Post #1. :)  I'll post about more great glass, awesome food and other fun stuff in the next blog. All of this glass-talk has made me anxious to fire up the torch!


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